Uipath studio new version

I have a process which was running fine in studio 2019.7 , it took 2.5 minutes.
when my Uipath Studio updated to 2019.8 it takes 10 minutes.
I see that at the new version the process gets executed in debug mode even if I give just run.
I tried to execute another process and it gets executed in debug mode, why does this happen?

Found why

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Please press ctrl+F6 for run without debugging
or click

*This is a big change for me too.

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It is kind of counter intuitive given the way we were running the processes all this time.
A lot of people will have no problem figuring how to run the old way, but still it will take sometime to sink in.

But due to this fact a lot of people found themselves always testing if the process works by running rather than debugging which shouldn’t be the case, once the process raises an exception and the exception message doesn’t contain enough information, the developer goes back and debug it to understand better why there is an error.

This is why I find this transformation to be more helpful in terms of kind of enforcing a good practice for development.