New version 2019.8.0 is not working correctly

On this version, bot is not running correctly. Debug mode runs now as default, inspect screen is not able to inspect correctly. on many activities, delay after/before are not available. Please check.

hi @Ashutosh_Pandey

Can u check the step into and step after in debug mode


Hi @Ashutosh_Pandey

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As you said, now the default is the debug mode when running. However still you have the option to tun without the debug mode and short cuts are also available for this.

What do you mean by this?

Can you share a sample of which it’s not giving the exact output

Please share few activity names

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Hi @Ashutosh_Pandey

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As mentioned previously, could you provide more details about the inspect screen problems and the activities that are missing the delay properties?

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Thank you for responding so quickly. It seems tool is now stable as now I am able to inspect web elements correctly and can see delay options in most of activities.


Hi @Lahiru.Fernando

Kindly mention the options we have to run without debug mode (or are you referring to “Start without Debugging”?).

I observed also that clicking on the START button (or using F5) runs the Main.xaml file instead of the current workflow file; apart from on the “Start File” option, is there a way to set it to the way it used to be?


Hello @afe.araromi

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Yes, the debug options are bit different after the new release. Right now, there is no way to set it back to how it was. There is a vote going on asking what the best option for that to be. As I remember many requested to keep it as it was before. It might revert back to the previous way in a new release. But not sure. Let’s wait and see… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the prompt response. I’d love to join in the voting, where can I do that because I love it the way it was before (i.e. when RUN or START runs the current file instead of the Main.xaml file or using the “Start File” option).