The new UiPath Studio won't Run when click on run

Hi, after the FORCED update for my UiPath Studio, nothing happens when Clicking on Debug file, Run file, debug, or Run.

The output only says execution ended in: 00:00:01.

However, if i go to debug tab, and click step into and go through step by step, my automation is working fine.

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Other than the Main xaml, we are not able to debug any file in the new version. If you need to debug other xaml you need to call if from Main xaml and debug the main, then it will work.

there is only main.xaml for my project. the problem is, whenever i try to run, studio just starts execution, and stops immediately. it didnt even execute any of my scripts. tested this n its the same for other projects as well.


Close UiPath studio and clean and temp. Then restart your machine to check the same.

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Kindly ensure once that SIMULATE CLICK is enabled in the property Panel of click activity
And try again
As you were able to execute in debug mode it will surely work in normal mode as well

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Thanks. its working now. anyway to not force new version updates on studio?

i work for a government agency with work computers that has no access to internet. so i would test on my personal computer. hence it would naturally make sense to use the same version.

i know that to UiPath, the non-license users are freeloaders and uipath might think it is alright to let freeloaders be beta testers. but man, forcing updates. low blow lol.


There is no way to stop Studio Community Edition from auto-updating. This ability comes only with enterprise edition.

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