Cannot convert Generic Value to System.Int32

Hi everyone, I am new to UiPath. Now i’m stuck with my task which is i have to multiply between two column in the same excel file. The problem now, its throwing an error “Cannot convert Generic value to System.Int32”. I’m not sure my variable that i use correct or not. There are similar problem like me, but i still didn’t find the solution of mine. Thank you in advanced :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @isyahhamid,
Convert the value to Integer and try again.
Ex: Convert.ToInt32(yourGenericVariable)


got validation error

when i try to get my value, it start with column name
image this is because my data in excel start in third row. Can anyone help? Thanks

you can try:
Cint(usage_value.ToString) * Cint(issue6_value.ToString)

Can you tell me why you have a Generic type value? is your variable defined as that type?
If you are getting a string type you can directly set the variable type to string.


Can’t you change the type of your variable, int32 or String (not GenericValue) ?

for your index to start at 3 you can check below thread:

thanks. already solved. Instead of skip row, i put if condition IsNumeric(variable). its working now. Thank you guys :slightly_smiling_face:


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