UiPath Studio 64-bit Community Installer

Hello everyone!

We have an important announcement to make. Studio (Community Edition) EXE installer will be a 64-bit installer starting with the next Preview Channel update.
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32-bit machines will no longer be supported meaning they will no longer receive an auto-update. All 64-bit machines will be updated as usual.

If you want early access to the 64-bit push, you need to have the Preview Channel selected. You may check it on the Studio’s home page by selecting the Help section. Then you can see the selected Update Channel on the right pane.

Preview Channel is scheduled to receive the 64-bit update in the upcoming weeks. The stable channel is scheduled to receive the update by end of March.

For those who are still on 32-bit machines and using the Community EXE installer, Studio will continue to work but will no longer receive incremental updates.

For any questions or concerns, please leave a comment.



Will I need to install and update UIPath scripts to 64bit odbc connections or will the 64bit work with both 32 and 64 bit odbc connections.


Good news.

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Will there be any difference in performance or something of the sorts?

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Hi @Matt_S,
As far as I know it shouldn’t provide any issue. 64-bit can work with 32-bit architecture but not in the other way. But just in case if you will experience any issue please let us know. It will be a preview version and we want to address everything what can be a potential bug to fix it for stable releases :slight_smile:

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Hi @viniciussm,
We are expecting that 64bit will bring more reliability :slight_smile:


Thanks a million, Pablito.

With regards to my issue of the missing Default folder which I have provided the requested screenshots, what can I do to resolve it?

Thanks again.

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Hi @andyyeo,
I responded in your topic. I was waiting for feedback from the team.

Thank you for sharing this !

One Question - in case in my 32 bit version ,I need a specific functionality that is part of the upgrade of 64 Bit …

Would/ Can there be some dll or patch that I can apply to my 32 bit version to get the change…


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Will Studio( Enterprise Edition) be 64-bit this year,too ?



Hello Pawel,

thank you very much for this interesting exciting news.

Do you remember our short discussion about the preferred platform for custom activities, x86 or x64? If I am not mistaken, custom activities compiled with x86 flag will then no longer work. Only with the platform flag AnyCPU and x64.

The use of your SAP BAPI activity will then explicitly require the installation of SAP NCo x64, not x86 as you described in your installation prerequsites, this depends on the UiPath version which is used. I do not know of a SAP NCo with the AnyCPU flag. Also it will also no longer be possible to use the NCo installed with the SAP GUI for Windows, it is x86.

These version dependencies increases the complexity in the transition phase from x86 to x64. In many use cases this will certainly not be a problem, just as you wrote, but in the context of SAP with NCo the user will have something to do.

Furthermore you have to take care that e.g. handles or pointers are 4 bytes on 32-bit platform and 8 bytes on 64-bit platform. If a code activity contains a handle with the data type integer, which has a size of 4 bytes, then an exception will occur, because the handle in x64 has a size of 8 bytes. Adjustments may be necessary here as well.

Best regards


Hi Pablito,

Noted and thank U for the update.

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i guess that all new generation of computer works with x64 but the main point is … there exist some Entreprise still working with old information system with x86 and we also know that its not easy at all for companies to upgrade their IT system … let me know your opinion about this :slight_smile:


We are aware of this and both x86 & x64 will be supported for Enterprise version. For community to simplify things, we will release only the x64 version.


Hi @mukeshkala,
Unfortunately from what I know there will be not such thing.

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Hi @lojyehuang,
To be honest I don’t have necessary information about it. We want firstly to test it out on the Community Edition to get rid of all potential issues and when we will be 100% ready that it’s being fully stable then it will be considered as a part of an Enterprise one.

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Hi @StefanSchnell,
Thank you for such information. I will make sure it will reach our dev team.

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I totally agree with you. We know that switching the architecture for enterprises is not an easy and short task. Please remember that we are not forcing any updates for enterprise and the current version of the Enterprise Plan is still supported. All activities in their current version will be still working as they should. In the future it will impact only the newer versions.


Hi @Rafael_Rodriguez_UY,
Sorry but I needed to use translator for this. It might be not a perfect answer though :smiley:
“Es solo una parte de la versión comunitaria en este momento. Los clientes empresariales no se ven afectados.”