UIPath Studio Explorer Selector Validation

Hello! Quick question regarding UI Explorer and selectors. Will the selector only ever validate if the UI image is on the screen/open/running at the time of validation? I understand the selector will be used at any time to locate the specified UI element, but I am trying to understand if this means that in order for the selector to validate in UI Explorer, it must be open at the time of checking it.

Let’s say the selector I edited for a particular UI automation is stable and works perfectly. Now some days later, I go into my .xaml file and look over the code and go to check my selector and it doesn’t validate when I open it up, but if I open the target application, it validates, will my UI element still be found of I don’t open the application when running the automation?

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Also, why is it necessary for UI Explorer to show the UI Tree of all the apps open on the computer you are working on, what’s the significance? Isn’t our only concern the application for which the selector is coming from - our target application? I find the selectors topic a little difficult to grasp and want to master this topic, would love some suggestions on additional learning/courses that could help. I figure HTML and CSS could be extremely helpful here?