UiPath Studio advanced view for experienced developers

Just putting it out there. UiPath Studio needs to be friendlier to experienced developers. I am sure there are others who feel the same…

What UiPath Studio needs is an advanced view for people who are experienced developers. This view should suppress needless visual elements and provide a compact view for people who are used to looking at lines of code.

To implement a simple algorithm in UiPath Studio I need a full HD monitor and 10 minutes of my time, most of them being spent at scrolling up and down, deleting extra sequence blocks the studio keeps adding etc. Same algorithm would take me less than a minute if I just coded it in an IDE.

…It shouldn’t be this way and I believe an advanced, compact view would really help.

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Completely agreed. It would be awesome to have a side-by-side between the workflow presenter and the XAML file at a bare minimum, but I think an advanced view like your idea is truly where experienced devs could excel at using this tool. What I’m imagining is something like a text editor with UiPath intellisense when adding a new activity. It would be necessary to implement a view of the activity’s properties as a child element of the activity, so all of an activity’s properties can be viewed easily while reading the workflow.

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

Hi there,

Totally agree with the advanced view for the experienced developers.
When the code becomes more complex like I have developed a code with more than 500 activities being used, it becomes quite difficult for navigation like I have to scroll up and down a lot.

Another suggestion from my side will be to introduce a replace functionality like I have to open xaml file as a text file to use replace function.