Drag & Drop to Outline

Hello All,

Are there any plans from UiPath to enable the activities to be dragged and dropped into the outline pane and enable copy/paste and setting the properties of each action etc. from there?

Basically the current Studio environment and development structure (sequence, flowchart or state machine) is extremely difficult to read especially for large projects.

The outline pane is much better to read a large project especially during development or debugging. If we could use the outline tab as the main IDE instead of the current one that would make developing so much easier.

I would like to request this as an enhancement.



Not a bad idea, we’ll look into it.

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Great - thanks! Looking forward to it.

Any updates on this?

Not yet, but I’ll update you when we have some news

hmm… best practice would be not to have large xaml files and to reuse smaller pieces via invoke.

Hi Team @badita @Cosin @aoommen
use UiPath i can able to do drag and drop in website it is Possible !!!

what activity i need to use ?
see the screenshot too