UiPath stop working

Hi Team,
I have updated the latest version of UiPath and it’s stops working automatically .
Screen shot for your reference

Hi Vignesd

This problem you were getting at the running time of a robot? and may be at the time of getting input from user?


I am getting this error in developer system and it’s happening in middle of the process only.

Yes Explain it. what process you are running and at what time you are getting? just debug it and take screenshots also. will be easy yo debug so at what time it is occurring so we can make some decisions on it.


when i am trying to find the image in screen mostly i getting this error
i had used image exits

Perhaps the target element name, id has changed during execution or an antivirus program is blocking it.
Anything logs you got from the robot execution? <USER_PROFILE>\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs

By the way which CE edition, are you using?

Here by i have attached the log and screen shot.
please let me know if any information requires

Log Message

{ “longdate”: “2016-12-01 12:50:54.3934”, “level”: “TRACE”, “threadid”: “1”, “windows-identity”: “CORP\vignesd”, “message”: “{"message":"Opening Ofin","timeStamp":"2016-12-01T12:50:54.3934692+05:30","level":"Verbose","windowsIdentity":"CORP\\vignesd","processName":"C2C - DSR JE Posting","fileName":"C2C - JE Posting"}”, “callsite”: “UiPath.RobotTraceListener.TraceExtendedLog”, “stackTrace”: “ExecutionTraceListener.TraceConsole => ExecutionTraceListener.TraceExtendedLog => RobotTraceListener.TraceExtendedLog” }

Interesting. There is similar issue in this forum giving the same exception exit code.
Executor ended
I wonder if is related the update changes.
Have you tried to re-run it on a build before 2016.1.6137 like 2016.1.6101?

I was developed and tested this workflow in V8.0.5714.22659 Uipath
in that it’s works fine