UiPath.agent stop working

I encountered the “UiPath.agent stop working” error reporting message everytime I click the green start button on robot package tray. I use 18.2.3 enterprise edition Studio which is licensed and Windows 7 Ultimate system. The studio and robot has been running successfully for several months and suddenly the error started.

Is there anyone who can help me with this issue? Thank you so much!!
Down below is the screen shot of the error reporting in Chinese, which means “UiPath.agent stop working”

Hi @RoseFeng

This seems like a very particular issue and I would suggest you to contact our support here:

You should provide some information related to the issue. Is it possible that some Windows Updates were pushed recently? Did anything change at all in your configuration?

Thank you so much for your help. I’m checking if there is any possible configuration. If still having this problem, I will contact the technical team.

Hi, I reinstalled the 4.6.1net framework and still encountered the “UiPath.Agent stop working” problem whenever I click “start” button in robot tray.

@RoseFeng did you ever come to a resolution on this? We’ve also encountered this problem.


Hi @cclements

Please provide all relevant versions together with the full error message. Keep in mind that contacting support and logging a ticket in case of an Enterprise customers is always nice to do :slight_smile: