UiPath robot stops after few seonds of running


I click on Debug(Run/F6), it’s showing that it started and then after 5 seconds it’s stopping (it’s doing like i would press the Stop button).

I ran the robot few minutes earlier and it worked, and now it’s not working.

It’s behaving like i would not have any code and it reached the end.

Is it throwing any error by the way
Or just stopping when it runs. If so kindly uninstall and reinstall the application and try once

Else if it’s an error kindly share that do that we could try to find out reason for it
Cheers @Jambor_Norbert

No error, it’s just stopping. I will reinstall it, thank you.

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Never mind, it was a code problem, the input argument changed, i had a ocr and then i had a document flipped up upside down and the ocr readed accordingly… Should i delete this topic?

Cheees @Jambor_Norbert

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