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Good morning ,
I have excel file with unknown data i want enable filter and select one by one and get the data and store in sheets .
Can i do this with uipath because i dont find anything like this

You can do it directly on excel by using hotkeys
like for filter send hotkey ctrl+shift+l
then by using alt + down u r able to open that filter list.
then u can select those items by adding counter nd loops as your need
so pls check this out just use simple logic and ofc shortkeys for excel

hope it will help you

Thank you . You are the best

Can i get the list of result from filter ?

when you select that particular data then it will show you the filtered one data
then you can copy it nd do the things which u want
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You can use Read Range activity to read the data in the excel to a datatable. Then, you can loop through the datatable using a For Each loop, and use a Write Range activity to write them back into multiple sheets…

If you want to filter by certain values before writing back, you can use datatable functions…

Datatable.Select("ColumnName = Value")

Does it work for you…

i know this . i ask if can take the filter list like this image and store it to datatable to use in for each loop

Yes i understand this and thank you for your answer but my data is unknown how i use the select . I try find the way to take the unique values and after i use select .

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This may help… There is an option to remove duplicates in a datatable. So once you extract the data to the datatable, you can use the “Remove Duplicate Rows” item and provide the datatable as the input for that. This will remove all the duplicates an output you with only distinct values…

I think this is the option you are searching for :slight_smile:

Does it work?

An other way of doing this. Is read the excel to a datatable. Create a dataview from this table with the wanted columns. Generate back a datatable with the options unique rows.


Thanks you all

Datatable.Select(“[Your column name] = [The value you want]”)


If the data is huge in your excel and most of the values in the specified column will be duplicate data, then if you reading entire data table and then applying formulas, it might take more processing time. For such scenarios you can try deleting the duplicate rows in the excel itself and then get the unique values.

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