UiPath Slack Message/Reply URL

I am currently building a process that needs to collect and check Slack messages and associated replies from a public channel within my organization.

I am using UiPath.Slack.Activities package v1.1.0, and collecting most of the necessary data with Get Messages and Get Replies activities.

I would like to know if it is possible to also get a specific mesagge’s/reply’s slack url.

To manually get this, you would have to right click on a message/reply and select “Copy Link” option.

I think you could use this api method: chat.getPermalink method | Slack. Not sure if you can invoke it with the “invoke Slack operation” or if you just need to send a plain api request.

As input you need the ts value of the message, which is a property of the message/reply objects.

Here is a general approach:

  1. Use Get Messages and Get Replies Activities:
  • Continue using the Get Messages and Get Replies activities to collect the necessary data, including timestamps, channel IDs, and message IDs.
  1. Use the Slack API to Construct URLs:
  • After obtaining the necessary information, you can construct the URLs using the Slack API format.
  • The general format for constructing URLs for messages and replies is as follows:
    • Replace <workspace_name> with your Slack workspace name.
      • Replace <channel_id> with the ID of the Slack channel.
      • Replace <message_id> with the ID of the Slack message or reply.
  1. Combine Information:
  • Using the retrieved data from the UiPath activities, construct the URLs by combining the workspace name, channel ID, and message/reply ID.
  1. Store or Use URLs as Needed:
  • You can then store these URLs in variables or use them directly in your workflow as needed.

Thanks, this is the simplest solution. Just as an extra note:
The <message_id> section is just the timestamp field, which are returned by both Get Messages and Get Replies.

Thanks, I’ll try this out as well, although the below solution seems the simplest since we only need to use fields that we already know or that we are already gettign from Get Messages or Get Replies

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