UiPath.Shared.Activities.dll is not compiling in C# custom activity project on .NET 6

I have been working on creating an example project for custom activities in .NET 6. I have whittled all errors down to just one that I am having trouble getting past:
My Project looks like this:
I think the problem has to do with the following lines in UIPath.HelloWorldDotNet6.Activities.Design.sln

            <!--Add file to package with consideration of sub folder. If empty, the root folder is chosen.-->
            <BuildOutputInPackage Include="@(_ReferenceCopyLocalPaths)" TargetPath="%(_ReferenceCopyLocalPaths.DestinationSubDirectory)" />
            <BuildOutputInPackage Include="bin\$(Configuration)\net6.0-windows\UiPath.Shared.Activities.dll" TargetPath="%(_ReferenceCopyLocalPaths.DestinationSubDirectory)" />
            <BuildOutputInPackage Include="bin\$(Configuration)\net6.0-windows\UiPath.Shared.Activities.xml" TargetPath="%(_ReferenceCopyLocalPaths.DestinationSubDirectory)" />

I did change the path from .NET 5 to .NET 6 which should not be a problem. It seems that UIPath.Shared.Activities.dll is not compiling when the project builds:
UiPath.Shared.Activities.Design.dll is in there but UiPath.Shared.Activities.dll is missing. If anyone knows what I am missing here I would greatly appreciate it!

Maybe following will help:

This appears to be different problem from what that post is about. I tried to follow the official documentation and was making good progress until I got stuck on this one last issue. I am pretty sure there is something missing in the project files.


yes, the intention was to show on how to handle (e.g. Bug reporting) and who can help by having strong knowledge in this area (@StefanSchnell) or can be reached at UiPath side

I removed the node from my project entirely and it compiled.

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