The remote name could not be resolved - on Prem orchestrator


I have installed on-prem orchestrator in one machine, and my client wanted to install robot in another machine outside of the orchestrator network.
I said it would be necessary to establish a VPN connection between the machines because they were on different networks.
That VPN connection was established however when i try to connect studio to orchestrator i get the error message “The remote name can’t be resolved”
I can’t access the orchestrator via browser on this robot machine as well.

What should i do ?


Did this thread help us on this

Cheers @fabio.r.mendes

Yes, but that post was for comunity edition with cloud orchestrator as far as i could tell, so i thought maybe for on prem would be different ?
Anyways, i’ll give it a try and comment back


I would suggest you get the ability to connect to the Orchestrator from the robot via browser first, as if you cannot do this then the robot has no chance.

This is a networking issue, do you have a networking team or expert you can talk to as nobody in here has any idea how your network is connected.

Ask your people to do whatever they do so that you can browse the orchestrator as a web page from the robot computer as a client in any browser. Once you can do that the robot will work and they will not be distracted by confusion about robots and UiPath and the like.

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