UiPath Robot not logging off after a Job Run completes, leaving a session open on the VDI

UiPath Robot Version: v2018.4.3
UiPath Orch Version: v2018.4.4

Hi All,

We have been using UiPath on Win7 Machines (Virtual Machines - VM) for the past 2 years. We didn’t face much problems with the UiPath Robot logging in and off the VM.

However, we recently moved our Robots to brand new Win10 Machines. Here’s when things started getting interesting (and bizarre as well).

The behaviour of logging out the machine post Job Completion is quite erratic.
On a different control room (portal) we can see that each machine have an active session even though the Job is Completed (or Faulted as well). The basic understanding is that the Bot is done with the machine and have logged off.

Due to this, the next kick-off from the Orchestrator schedule never begins as can be seen in the attached image.
The Job says “Running” and and the Info says “Waiting for execution to start”

If I manually try to login into the VM, I myself cannot go past the Welcome screen of Win10 and it is completely understandable that the VM is stuck.

So what do we do: Simply restart the machine. The very first run of the Job post that works great. However, similar pattern starts with the next run onwards.

My MAIN Question is to understand where to start troubleshooting for this anomaly.

Quick Workaround:
Step 1 - I log into the machine first as its User. See everything is working fine on the machine.
Step 2 - Instead of Logging Off, I “Disconnect” the machine. This will leave an ongoing session.
Step 3 - Trigger the Robot from Orchestrator.
Step 4 - Bot completes the Job and reenters the machine on subsequent Jobs using the First active session only.

Works like a charm…

BUT, I really want it to work via the “Logging Off” module only.

Any insights on this are welcome.

Is Win10 an issue over here?!

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Any update on this issue? We are facing the same using Win 10 robot on studio v 2020.4.3 and orchestrator 2020.4.2…

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Hi Azar / Aaron, were are able to found a solution for this issue? We are also facing the same issue with Win 10 robots on studio 2020.4.3 and Orchestrator 2020.10. Thanks

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Just bumping this for visibility. We are having the same issue.

We are having the same issue.