UiPath Robot Failed to Execute UiPath.Excel.Activities.ExecuteMacro.MacroOutput


I accidentally upgrade the UiPath.Excel.Activities from 2.0.6382.14545 version to

At UiPath studio(Development environment), I manage to execute my package without any error. However when I deploy to production environment. The robot failed to execute the package with the following error:-

Error message: Cannot set unknown member

At Studio, I tried uninstall and reinstall the UiPath.Excel.Activities back to 2.0.6382.14545 . and open back the package, it still the same. I can’t recompiling the package.

Please help. Is my steps wrong?

Hi @_alex

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Could you tell us what is your Studio version? I will assume it is a pre 2018.3 one. This means that you will want to make sure that the same package is installed in the production environment.

Please contact our technical support for more assistance here.