Excel Macro - Activity could not be loaded because of errors

I have a process with an Excel Macro activity which I use on a daily basis. Time to time the process fails with the error:

UiPath.Core.Activities: Cannot set unknown member 

When I look at the process I find that it shows an error in the XAML


Any ideas why am I getting the error in XAML?

This error usually occurs when you dont have the relevant package installed. Check if you have the excel activities package installed.

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@dineshary, I understand, but I have it seems like I already installed


I can for example delete the sequence where I see the error and add a new Macro activity. What I don’t understand is why all of a sudden I get this error message.

Thats strange… Do you see 3 dlls in the below path?


version numbers might be different for you

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Yes, I can see the files. I have a high density setup. Should this impact somehow?

I checked and it seems I had different version in the UiPath.Excel.Activities in different robots in the HD server. I’ve updated the versions to see if it fixes the issue.

Thanks @dineshary for the path