UIPath Robot and Guiffy Image/screenshot compare (Urgent)

I have used UiPath to create a script by manually clicking the steps to compare screenshots in Guiffy. I have alter the script so that it would run perfectly. The issue is the error message “UiPath Robot has stopped working” (Fig.1) and it keeps repeating at the same step.

Fig. 1

The step is after clicking compare and before screen scraper the image in Fig. 2.
Fig. 2

I have added Delay 1 sec and Delay 3 sec, and also removed the current variables and added new variables that I am using.

However, I kept trying different methods, by reinstalling, recreating the steps, changing delay time, the error keeps coming out at the same location.

I think the problem lies in the word application scope (Refer to Fig. 3), because when I run the program without the part, it completed without any errors.
Fig. 3

I need help urgently.

Thank you.

Doesn’t look like word is the culprit. Are you using OCR for above step, which could be a possibility.

Also, you did not specify the file name in Word application scope, just path was mentioned. Can you check.


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I changed the Word Application Scope to the word file but still having the same issue. And I am not using OCR for the above step