UiPath Executor has stopped - OCR on images - fails after 10 loops

Hi all,

I have a fairly simple workflow that keeps crashing after approximately 10 loops. UiPath.Executor has stopped working.

The process reads a .tif into an image variable, then converts it into a bitmap. Using the .clone function, I assign a few smaller areas from the original image for OCR, then append the data to an existing excel sheet.

I’ve read some of the other topics on this issue, and added short delays between each step as one suggested fix, with no luck.

The bot is running through orchestrator on 2018.4.1. I’ve watched the RAM and CPU usage while running and neither are maxed out.

One way to test this is to have your Robot exit after processing 8 loops if it crashed at 10 loops or so.
And then schedule your Robot to run with a recurring interval.
If the Robot executes without issues with each recurring schedule, it means that there is some run time anomaly that is causing the executor to fail.

Thanks for the response; this is my current plan as well. The bot will finish 8 loops in under a minute, so I was hoping to not have to set it to re-run every minute for a total of 15000 images. This will work for now.

Thanks for the help!

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