Automation with Compare of Screenshots via GuiffyID


I need to compare differences between 2 folders containing screenshots with the same name using guiffyid to check if there are differences. I would like to automate this by using UIPath. It would be great if I am able to iterate thru each file then compare using guiffyid and screenscrape each result to a csv file.

a.Use workflow to iterate all files within the directory - found some reference (Read multiple folders and pdf files)
b.Call cmd to run ‘guiffyid ’ - this will open the guiffy and compare the 2 screenshots from different folders.
c.Screenscrape the result
d.Save all the results to a csv file

Appreciate any feedback on this. Thanks!!

Hi @ivan23
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Here are some clues for the other 3 points:

b) you can use “Send Hotkey” activity and check “Win” and writing in “Key” field r
Then you type into “cmd” with click on “Ok” (or k[(enter) without simulate type option checked]
Then you type into the cmd guiffyid

c) to screenscrape the result, you can use:

  • “Screen scraping” option in the ribbon of UiPath Studio, then as an output you get a string
  • “Data Scraping” option in the ribbon of UiPath Studio, then as an output you get a Datatable

d) if you used data scraping then write range (with excel application scope) the datatable in a xls
if you used screen scraping then you will have to create a datatable and find a strategy to fill it with a string

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