UiPath New Licensing Platform-Clarrification

I received the below email from UiPath on the new Licensing Platform. My Studio version is 2018.2.4 Enterprise Edition. The mail indicates a patch update to upgrade the version to the new Licensing Platform. I have number of processes updated and are in Production now. Will they be affected by the patch release? Will it affect the automated processes?

Dear Customer,

We heard your feedback and we are improving our licensing experience. To achieve this, we’re transitioning to a new licensing solution which enables us to smooth things over for you.


October 2019 → UiPath v2019.10 LTS integrates the new solution and all new UiPath products work on the new licensing platform.

September - November 2019 patch releases for [supported product versions] a release schedule will be communicated shortly.

September - February 2020 → migration of our customer base to the new platform and first visible improvements and new features.

To get there we need your cooperation and support throughout the process for just a bit longer.

What does this mean for you ?

Provided that you have in use a UiPath version lower than 2018.4 an upgrade to a supported version (2018.4 or 2019.4) should be planned and executed by February 2020 .

Customers on v2019.4 and v2018.4 will be provided with a patch that should be applied for all Studio and Robot stand alone installations (licensed with a dedicated licensed code and not via the Orchestrator) by February 2020 .

Please keep in mind that besides the improvements that will follow licensing wise, it is always recommended to stay on track with the supported versions.

Your response is extremely important to ensure no disruption in operations would arise!

Looking forward to hearing your feedback by 30th of September .

Based on your feedback we’ll set the timeline for terminating the previous licensing implementation after which software installations lower than 2018.4 will not be approved for renewal.

Please take few minutes to respond to the survey and let us know any challenges that you’re foreseeing that would prevent upgrading to a supported version or applying the patches. We’re here to help and discuss options together.

The purpose of this first communication is informative as we’re aware that an upgrade initiative can be a long term process. More details will follow as well as a timeline for patch release as previously mentioned.

Any additional questions that you may have in the meantime, please connect with your privileged contact within UiPath or with our [support team].

Happy automating,

UiPath Team,


Hi @Danny_Saeed,
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It’s a tough question as everything depends of how big projects do you have, which activities were used etc. I think the best way is to contact with our Technical Support team which should explain your anxieties.