UiPath Recorder

Is it possible to re-record activities in the workflow?

Example: My workflow contains 10 activities, i want to change the 4,5,6,7 activities. Is it possible to re-record again?

Let me know if anyone faced similar issue.

Hi @Smitha1

Everytime You will use Recording Feature it will create a new Recording Sequence for you. so yes you can record again steps and manually edit the previos sequence you wants to change otherwise follows correct steps and use newly recorded sequence.

keep in mind Recording Feature is good for local GUI and apps Installation To follow Step by step procedure like sequence that is why it generate sequences.



Thanks for your suggestion:slight_smile:

Try it and also let others what will be the result. So will be helpful for all. @Smitha1


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Please find the below screenshots for explanation of how i recorded again and updated my workflow.

Let me know if anyone needs help in this!


Good job on solving your issue :slight_smile:

One thing to note about the resulting workflow that you posted is I’d recommend cleaning it up a little bit - cut the actual Click activities from the rerecorded sequence and paste them at the end of the old one. That will vastly improve clarity of what is happening and also insure that it doesn’t switch to a different instance of the calculator on the second AttachWindow if a couple of them are running.

For future reference, if you just need to add a couple of Clicks, you can just drag the activities from the Activities pane to the canvas where you need them and use Indicate On Screen (from the hamburger button). If you’re not changing selectors, result will be exactly the same and you’ll practice manually altering the workflow - not everything can be recorded.


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Haha @andrzej.kniola
As I adviced earlier :wink: