UiPath RE Framework Playlist - Beginners

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To Tackle complex business scenarios UiPath provides Robotic Enterprise Framework template that has all of the best practices logging, exception handling, application initialization etc.

:point_right: Sharing a Playlist of REFramework where we cover everything from Scratch. The Videos Cover -

⦿ What is a Transaction
⦿ Different Types of Transactions
⦿ Linear vs Iterative vs Transactional Process
⦿ Examples of Transactional Processing
⦿ Need of Framework
⦿ Benefits of StateMachines
⦿ Features in RE Framework
⦿ Dispatcher vs Performer.
⦿ Advantages of Using Dispatcher and Performer Approach
⦿ Explanation of Each and Every State.

➤➤➤ Links to Refer
:point_right: 1. UiPath RE Framework Tutorial | Dispatcher vs Performer

:point_right: 2. Explore States | Initialization | End Process

:point_right: 3. Explore States | Get Transaction Data | Process Transaction

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