ReFramework step by step guide

Hi folks,
Can someone please help me step by step reframework with the help of any project/example.

Dispatcher and Performer.
How to add workflows

Hi @avinash.wankhede

I think this video will help for you …

Hi @avinash.wankhede

Follow the below video, in this he explain all parts of RE Frameworks from end to end. You will get better knowledge from this video.

When watching the video open the RE Framework template in UiPath and follow with the video.

Hope it helps!!


Above videos are :+1: good
But I find this very relevant to ur query
It has got details about

  • Dispatcher
  • Performer
  • Example of how to use REFramework in UiPath

Here you go

Cheers @avinash.wankhede

IMO REFramework is overcomplicated and unnecessary. If you’re new to UiPath I suggest learning to write processes from scratch and over time working out your own template that fits your needs.