UiPath Platform Interview Qs Dumps

Please share the dumps if possible for below topics :

  • UiPath Studio

  • UiPath Apps & Data Service

  • Action Center

  • Automation Ops and Automation hub

  • UiPath Insights

  • StudioX

  • Document Understanding
    *UiPath Cloud

  • UiPath Orchestrator

  • Process Mining
    *Task Mining
    *Test Manager

*****Machine round Questions

UiPath Apps/DataService/Studio/StudioWeb/ActionCenter/Insights/Automation

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Hi @loveleet_Saini

You can find the scenario based practical interview questions here

Also I would highly recommend you watch these mock interview series.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @AJ_Ask

I’ve been through that. Looking for some tough ones.

Hi @mukesh.singh

Thanks for responding. This includes basic Qs on UiPath Activities/Studio. Do you have more other UiPath platform topics.

If you are good with these questions then rest they ask is scenario based questions depends on their requirement & project that you explain.

There are no Qs related to Document Understanding, Ai Center, Action Center, Project template, Deployment process from dev to prod, Process Mining, Task Mining, Data Service, Scenario-based Qs, Technical/Machine round Qs.

All these topics are untouched for interview-related Queries. If we can share our interview experience and Qs asked, that would be a great help to everyone.