Topics to expect for Uipath technical interview

Hi , Can anyone help me out on the topics to prepare for technical interview on UiPath/ if there are any links handy to go through?

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There isn’t any official or specific way or questions…But this can be a good start point

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Hi @Ana_Patricia ,

Thanks for reaching out to the community.
Here are some of the important topics which can help you clear the interview in good grades.

  1. UiPath Studio: Familiarize yourself with the Studio interface, features, and functionalities. Understand how to create, edit, and test automation workflows using the drag-and-drop interface.
  2. UiPath Orchestrator: Know how to configure and manage robots, schedules, assets, and queues using Orchestrator. Understand how to deploy and monitor automation workflows across multiple machines and environments.
  3. Data Manipulation: Understand how to use UiPath activities to manipulate data, including filtering, sorting, and transforming data in Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, and databases.
  4. Web Automation: Familiarize yourself with UiPath web automation activities, including clicking, typing, and scraping data from websites. Understand how to automate web applications using selectors and dynamic variables.
  5. Orchestrator API: Understand how to use Orchestrator API to retrieve and manipulate data in Orchestrator. Be able to programmatically create and manage robots, schedules, assets, and queues.
  6. Exception Handling: Know how to handle exceptions and errors in automation workflows. Understand how to use Try-Catch activities, Throw activities, and Exception objects to manage errors and exceptions.
  7. Testing Automation: Understand how to test automation workflows using UiPath Test Suite. Familiarize yourself with the Test Manager and Test Execution activities.
  8. Best Practices: Be familiar with UiPath best practices for automation development, including naming conventions, error handling, data manipulation, and workflow organization.
  9. Debugging: Know how to use UiPath debugging tools to identify and fix issues in automation workflows. Understand how to use breakpoints, step into, step over, and step out of activities to troubleshoot issues.

WIth all these, go through RE-Framework in and out. Learn Regex making from youtube aswell.

If this helps you, please mark it as a solution. :grinning:

Happy Automation and Good luck.



@Anil_G - wonderful tutorial.
@pratik.maskar - good list of topics!

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