UiPath Orchestrator Deployment - Azure DevOps

Dear all,
I am trying deploy a workflow to orchestrator test environment in Azure DevOps. Error message in Change Approver process. "PowerShell exited with code “1”.
Any suggestions ?


Is this when you try to push the workflow to an Azure DevOps repo or is this the result of a pipeline you’ve built?

Thanks for your quick response. It happened when i try to push workflow to Azure DevOps. The workflow works fine in the testing environment.

Have you got any approvals or deployment slots on your Azure DevOps repo? Do you have any approvals set up on any part of the workflow (or within your environment)?

Approval is required for the change in workflow. Last month, i can easily push the workflow to Azure DevOps and deployed to the Orchestrator (Testing). It is a very simple workflow and no approval set up on the workflow.