Uipath orchestrator dashboard link to confluence dashboard

Hi Community,

I have a query like UiPath orchestrator dashboard all the current utilization report and log dashboard can be publish in confluence? so that management can check the reports with out help of support team.

usually the dashboard will be taking manually by the support team.so now is there option which can display all the dashboard logs from UiPath orchestrator to Confluence?

it would be appreciable of your suggestion.


Check this example External Data for Confluence | Atlassian Marketplace , but better ask the Confluence/Atlassian community support as they are experts in their product integrations with other products and can give more in-depth tutorials.

Also, there is a connector for Confluence using Integration Service in UiPath:


Hi marian,

So you mean to say UiPath orchestrator can have api which allows to reflect the run time logs?

But as per your suggestion need to check with confluence team whether they will allow or not ?


Check from Orchestrator UI the page from where the needed logs are present.
Then, use the Inspect browser tool and take a look at which Rest API calls are made.
Then, check with Confluence/Atlassian support, on how to populate your dashboards from external Rest API json responses.

okay, I will check as per your guidance.

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