UiPath Orchestrator course not available in English

I am unable to enroll for UiPath Orchestrator course because its not available in English language. Its only available in Japanese language. I have checked my profile language also and its set to English. Please help.


It’s in english for me here.

I don’t know if will work but try to access this directly link after login on Academy: https://academy.uipath.com/lms/index.php?r=player&course_id=154


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Hi Aditya,

@Lucas.Pimenta is right. Are you able to follow the Orchestrator course in English now? It should be available on the right side on the welcoming page, in the Foundation Learning Plan.


Same problem here. Can’t find orchestrator training in English.

Hi Zeeshan,

Can you please send a screenshot of the welcoming page after you log into your account ?


Would you please help me in getting orchestrator training in English?
In my profile, it shows in Japanese only.

Hi @Roxana_Stratila,

I am facing the same problem, could you please advise?

Hi @acaciomelo,

You can find it in Learning Plans, It will only available if you are done with your RPA Developer foundation training.


UiPath Orchestrator course is now available in English for me and also I have completed the same. Thanks everyone.

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The academy section is converted in Japanese lang. Can someone please help me roll it back?

Hi Ashish

I was stuck on this for a while too :slight_smile:

Try opening your profile - Top right - Ie. mine is DA
Then select the ‘world’ icon. Highlighted yellow
Then change your language.