Orchestrator - English Version

Hi Folks,

How to access Orchestrator course - English version? As it seems I can only choose Jap version


Many users are facing this issue. Uipath team already know and are working to solve the problem.

Try to access this directly link after login on academy while they’re working and see if works: https://academy.uipath.com/lms/index.php?r=player&course_id=154

@Roxana_Stratila Any updates of this issue?


Hi Lucas,

We’ve been testing from many user accounts and the Orchestrator module is visible both in English and Japanese. The course is available only inside the Foundation Learning plan that can be fount in the right side of the welcoming page.


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Thank you for your fast response!

@saibuntoe Please, follow the instruction of Roxana and see if works.


Thanks Lucas and Roxana. Managed to find it on the Learning Plan (right side of the welcoming page).

Btw, how do I cancel the Jap Orchestrator Course?