Language Issue

I’ve just enrolled -yesterday- in UiPath Academy. My chose was Spanish language to learn UiPath, but today, some parts of the UiPath Academy Web are in Spansih and some of them in Japanese. I cannot progress because buttoms are in Japanese. I’m not able to change to English, or Spanish. Every buttons are in Japanese, so I cannot press any, becouse I don’t know the consecuences.
Does anybody has the same problem today?

I’ve already deleted coockies in my internet browser and I tried with Chrome and Microsoft Edge, with same results.


Hi @PabloM

Welcome to the community!!

Were you able to go to academy settings and see whether you can change the language options?

Hi Lahiru,
Look my Snapshot here.

As you can see, buttoms are in Japanese in this page, previous and after pages

Hope my snapshot helps.


Hi @PabloM

Is the issue resolved? You can always contact our Academy team to have it looked at :slight_smile:

My bet is that you have to switch the language in the settings again back and forth and it should be fixed.