UIPath open-source components

in the License Agreement document it says: “The UiPath Platform contains components of other software, including open source, which are the property of their respective owners and are licensed under their respective licenses specified on Third Party Licenses section on UiPath website, as updated from time to time.”

Anyone knows where the “Third Party Licenses section on UiPath website” is? I swear I have spent like two hours trying to find it…
I need the list of open-source components to assess the potential risks/additional costs for our clients.


There are some might be can not shared too :slight_smile: because it uses them some of them in the core too :slight_smile:

you don’t need to worry about the other Components because they all comes under single Uipath plateform solution covering the cost :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:.
and there are others like Abby and some so that licensing information is available on the site or can contact sales team too.

Regarding Security assessment, They are having already some of the Great enterprise Security Certificates after getting assessed.


Not providing a list of open-source software used would be a violation of the licenses (assuming we’re talking about LGPL, BSD, MIT and similarly licensed software).

I am very surprised that this information is being so well hidden; both Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism have very clear pages detailing the relevant licensing terms.

Don’t know much as i am not an official person or from UiPath :slight_smile: So better @badita
can help or tell more about this.



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Could you paste the link of Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism’s page? I can’t find it on their website:cold_sweat:

Many thanks