Licensing modes and costs

Hi, I’m an independent consultant with some little clients. I am trying to buy new licenses but UiPath doesn’t give me cost information and how to acquire them.
I have sent the request through the orchestrator site and I have contacted a sales representative but they don’t give me the information.

Please, could someone give me a tip on how to know costs and licensing methods?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Juan_Pablo_Gigante

I think @jogayon001 can give some light on this…

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Hi @Juan_Pablo_Gigante have you tried emailing support?


Hi @jogayon001

Yes, I have sent several emails to support and I have not received a reply
I’ve chatted with a representative who called me, but he could not give me the information and then they did not contact me.


Similar situation here, I (and I think the rest of the forum) would love any information you can provide if you receive some… I am currently trying to arrange a meeting with UIPath staff to ask similar questions

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