I need help please, is UiPath Community Edition an Open Source?

i am student at the University and my bachelor´s thesis is about RPA, unfortunately i can not find a direct answer for my question, is UiPath an Open Source Tool? on the website it´s written, open and Extensible.


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Yes there are two types of UIpath studios are there. One is community edition and it’s free and another one is Enterprise Edition and we need license to use this and we get trail for period of 2 months and after that we need to renewal license if we need to extend it.



Anyone can write custom activities for UiPath and those may or may not be open source but the core product is not open source.

thanks for your reply, do you have any idea, where i can find the License List prices?

yeah i know there are two versions. but my main question. is UiPath an Open Source Program?

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oh i got you. thank you very much for your reply.
so basically that´s why its written here: https://www.uipath.com/developers/community-edition?fbclid=IwAR1wOBLrDP8pNtBgzzkTm401SFl14w6rfTgGWiIa8WD9COL0Wq26X80GK2M
it´s Open and Extensible.