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Hello friends, I have a problem with library Uipath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities.image
I get this error:
Get List Info: Code: itemNotFound
Message: The provided path does not exist, or does not represent a site
Inner error:
date: 2021-11-08T13:55:51
request-id: 9e939a14-389d-46a0-9f3a-6f9b12ea856f
client-request-id: 9e939a14-389d-46a0-9f3a-6f9b12ea856f
ClientRequestId: 9e939a14-389d-46a0-9f3a-6f9b12ea856f

help pleaseee


HI @Filippo_Lombardo,

Looks like the site url that you are providing is not correct.

Have you tried accessing the link manually , does it work?


Thanks @sonaliaggarwal47
I entered the url wrong :smile: :smile:

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