UiPath not loading ASYCUDA (JNLP file) dropdown properly

Hi everyone,

I am having issue automating ASYCUDA data entry in UiPath. The bot is supposed to launch the application and do data entry but the ASYCUDA is not loaded properly.

When the bot launches the application (JNLP file - jp2launcher.exe), one of the fields with dropdown is not loaded properly (Please see attached image below). This issue happens intermittently and only happens when the application is launched by the bot. When I try to open ASYCUDA manually, the drop down is loaded properly.

I used Start Process activity to launch the application with the file path filled in Arguments and Properties properties. Java Extension from UiPath is installed as well.

Can anyone shed some lights on how to resolve this issue?


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Did we try with OPEN APPLICATION activity

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Hi Palaniyappan,

Thanks for the response. Yes, I have tried Open Application but UiPath throws an ERRORsaying - … is not a valid Win32 application. Exception from HRESULT: 0x800700C1.

There are many options to mention input
Try mentioning the exe filepath of the application

For example, if you want to open Excel, the path should look like C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\EXCEL.EXE .

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Hi Palaniyappan

This is how I use the Start Process Activity, as per screenshot below. The variables eventually leads to a file path called C:.…\ASYCUDAWorld_32_1.jnlp

The dropdown not loaded issue is happening intermittently. Is that most likely due to the way the bot open the app? Or Java extension incompatability may causes similar issues?

Thanks for your help.

ASYCUDA issue 3


Being intermittent let’s try in another way around

Like along your current sequence use a ELEMENT EXISTS activity and check for any element from the drop down which will give true or false as a Boolean value

Now use that as a Boolean flag like
If you are using FLOW CHART then loop again by closing and opening that application with a flow decision

If you are using REFramework then keep that Boolean variable in a transition and loop again to INIT state so that application will close and reopen again

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Does the app have any log files? Maybe enabling the Java Console will provide a better overview of the issue.

I’m using studio 2022.4.4 community version and facing similar issue. After start process of jnlp file, application is opened but not able able to inspect elements inside login dialogue window. Even tried java ui.extension installation successfully however still have the same issue not able to inspect element.
Can anyone help on this?

Hi @shruthi_hm , can you try to upgrade the UiAutomation version to the latest 22.10-preview available on the Marketplace and repeat the test? What you describe is different than the content of the thread and is related to automating JNLP apps that use Java 9+ (most probably).

Thanks @vlad.coteanu . Updating to latest version has fixed my issue.

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