Uipath not detecting individual elements in firefox popup window

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with the selectors in Firefox. When I try to automate the download of an image, I cannot select any of the options from the drop-down menu with the UI Explorer. It used to work fine for me, but it has stopped and I don’t know why. Can you help me? I have installed the version of Studio Enterprise 21.10.3 and UiAutomation Activities 21.10.3


For now, can you try to press F4 when selecting the element?
(This means change UIFramework from default to AA or UIA)


Hi yes I have hit F4 but it only works for me selecting UIFramework UIA option and I need it to work with “Default” option. This robot is already running by the user and I cannot change it.


User don’t need to change UiFramework explicit even if we set selector as AA in Studio.

If previous process works well, might need to use same version of UiAutomation.


I can’t change the UiFramwork option to UIA for development reasons, I need it to work in “default” mode. This was working fine until a couple of days ago.