Uipath migration tool

Hi team,

anyone has experience with uipath migration tool?

Just a question, are all the entities also left in the source orchestrator, i.e. the on premise one, or are they deleted? I’m wondering this to understand if automations can continue to run until the processes are fully fine tuned on cloud orchestrator.

up please!

Hi @jixoc79815,

Please do refer these two links:

  1. Migrating Orchestrator from on-premises to cloud
  2. Using the Migration Tool

Followed the steps religiously & it worked well.
And no, nothing will be deleted on premise after the migration. Everything will be left as it is.
We would need to note that not all the entities are migrated from prem to Cloud. The same is mentioned in 2nd link. We would need to migrated those entities manually.

Also please do read for the extra cautiousness: Uipath Cloud Migration Tool – Ashwini Kempraj

Happy Automation! :slight_smile:

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