Best Practices For On-Premise To Cloud Migration

What are some of the best practices one needs to be mindful of when migrating from the On-Premise to Cloud Orchestrator instance?

Here are some of the things that one may consider when deciding to migrate from the UiPath On-Premise instance to Cloud:

  • When ready, get a Temp License for Cloud from Dealhub when migrating. It provides same quantities for Robots/Users on Cloud as are On-Prem, which helps in the migration. The Account Owner/CSM can provide more details on this.

  • Upgrading the On-Prem instance prior to the migration is not required as long as the version is supported. It is likely that there will always be some errors and warnings due to the differences between the On-Prem and Cloud Orchestrator. The messages are shown to choose whether to correct them or not prior to the migration. Some of these are enlisted below.
  1. These indicate data with the same name that already exist in the tenant.
"The machine name __________ is already taken","errorCode":1200”
- "message":"The name ________ is already used.","errorCode":1001"
- "message":"Package already exists.","errorCode":1004”
  1. This likely stems from one of the conflicts from above.
"message":"Release does not exist.","errorCode":1002”
  1. This can be ignored, it's an internal flag that existed in one of the Orchestrator versions but not the other.
"message":"Auth.Robot.CanUseAuthenticationToken does not exist.","errorCode":1002”
  1. This indicates an error with the trigger configuration.
"message":"Trigger will not run because end date is before start date.","errorCode":1601”

  • If facing any challenges with the migration and need assistance, collect the following details and share the same with UiPath Support: Getting Help With Migration .