UiPath Marketplace ! BalaReva Easy Power Point Activities

Useful activities for PowerPoint

This package contains various PowerPoint activities that will reduce the development time in the PowerPoint automation.

  • PowerPoint Application Scope - Open a PowerPoint application and executes the child activities.

The full list of activities is available below:

  • Execute Macro - executes the macro-enabled commands from your PowerPoint.

The following activities work only in PowerPoint Application Scope:

  • Slide Transitions - set the PowerPoint application transition to slide and timing options.

  • Comments Add - add comments with the author and position option to slides.

  • Comments Read - marks comments and replies as read.

  • Comments Delete - deletes comments from a slide.

  • Edit Text - edits the text in the slide based on the index.

  • Image Extractor - extracts all the images from a slide.

  • Chart Shape Count - gets the total count of chart shapes available in a slide.

  • Image Shape Count - gets the total count of images available in a slide

  • Text Shape Count - gets the total count of the text frames available in a slide.

  • Chart Image Extract - extracts the chart as an image.

  • ChartCopyToClipboard - copies the chart into the clipboard.

  • ChartDelete - deletes the chart.

  • ChartFormat - formats the chart with left, top, width, height.

  • PasteClipboard - pastes the clipboard data inside the slide.

  • SaveAs - saves as (PDF, Presentation, etc…).

  • Find - finds the text and gets the result as datatable with slide index, text shape index, and the content.

  • Find and Replace - finds the text and replaces it all.

  • Read Slide / PowerPoint - reads all the text from slides.

  • Readdatatable - Read all tables from slides.

  • SlideCount - Return slide count.

  • Merge

  • NewSlide

  • DeleteSlide

  • FindReplace

  • InsertPicture

  • InsertTextBox

  • RefreshData

  • SlideCopy

  • SlidePaste

  • SlideCount

  • UpdateLinks

  • Delete Slide

  • Export Pdf

  • Print

  • Remove Document Information

  • Slide Copy

  • Slide Paste

  • DataTransformer

  • Extract all hyperlinks

Table Area

  • Add Table

  • Append Table

  • Clear Table

  • Delete Column

  • Delete Row

  • Delete Table

  • Edit Table

  • Export Table Excel

  • Extract Tables

  • Font Option

  • Get Row Item

  • Import Data FromExcel

  • Resize Table

  • Style Option

  • Table CopyTo Clipboard

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Hi guys,
Thank you for your likes . Here I have attached a video for the slide extractor. I have attached the sample for Slide Extractor and Execute Macro.

EasyPowerPoint.zip (271.1 KB)

Let me if you have any errors.
I would be happy to get more suggestions .

Thank you


Hi ,
One of the user asked that he is not getting the package. Here I have shown that how to get it by screen shot .

Step 1 :

Step 2 :

Thank you

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Hi all,
I have included a new activity called “Image Extractor”. To extract all the images from PowerPoint.


Properties :

If the Slide Index is zero (0), It will extract all the images from all slides. Otherwise you can specify the specific slide number.

Sample File :EasyPowerPointImage.zip (488.3 KB)




I have a question about BalaReva EasyPowerPoint.
when I checked Visible in PowerPoint Aplication Scope,I could not see anything.
I thoght if Visible is checked you can seen the Power Point.
so could you give me how to see PowerPoint?


Hi @nono_onono,

Welcome to UiPath forum community.
Thank you for your feedback. Sorry I forgot to hide the visible property. I have updated the latest version that should not have the visible property.

Thank you


你好! 我遇到了一個問題

Sousce : PowerPoint Application Scope
Message: Unable to cast COM object of type
'Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint.ApplicationClass ’ to interface type
This operation failed because the QueryInterface call on the COM component for the interface With IID
'{91493442-5A91-11int Application Scope
Message: Unable to cast COM object of type
'Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint.ApplicationClass ’ to interface type
This operation failed because the QueryInterface call on the COM component for the interface With IID
‘{91493442-5A91-11CF-8700-00AA0060263B}’ failed due to the following error

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Hi @Shih-Ming,

Welcome to UiPath Community!

Thank you for using the package. Each user is having a different file format.Can you please send me a sample powerpoint file. If it is confidential , please send me it by message.


Hi Balamurugan.S
excuse me i donot you E-mail

excuse me
you E-mail ??

Please check the message…

Sorry , I did not receive your Message

Now they have to change questions in UiPath Academy regarding Power Point automation :smiley:

Check your email !!

Office 2016 down 2010 就OK了問題

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Yes . The Microsoft Office must be installed in the system.

Thank you.

Hello @balupad14,

First of all, I want to congratulate you for your work on this package.
I have a task to automate and I can’t handle it with your activities and maybe you can help me with some advices.

I have a PPT template with some shapes on every slide and I want to write a different thing in every shape.

After seeing your youtube video I understood how to loop through shapes but the question is: How to write something into?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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Hi @VladTof,

I saw your message. I have responded in the message.

Thank you

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Hi Sir,
I have been using your Powerpoint activity. I am very impressed by the package and its of great use to me. But still, I am unable to insert a new slide of the desired layout. Please help me with this issue.

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Hi @Surender_Thyagarajan
Welcome to UiPath Community!

Sure … Let me check and ping you…

Thank you