UiPath Mail Activities Grab Oldest First Option

The UiPath Mail Activities should include an option to select whether the developer wishes to receive emails from the top or bottom of the email folder. Right now it only has an option for the Top. This is causing people to have to grab a large number of emails potentially and reverse sort. If it is the case that an individual only wants to grab a single email at a time, this can get quite cumbersome and unnecessary.

I would ask that something like a dropdown with the option for top or bottom be present with the number of emails to grab as a separate parameter instead of being cubbyholed into the Top parameter.

This is an issue that created countless requests for the same information, making it clear that this is likely to continue to be an issue until it is addressed:

Hi @dmccammond,
Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.


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Was there any further consideration of this feature? It seems like a strange oversight to not include it in the Get Outlook Mail Messages activity.

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@Pablito Do you know if there is an update on this?

I’m currently in a situation where I have an inbox with over a thousand e-mails and I need to reply to the older ones first. However retrieving ALL emails before sorting takes way to long, so I want to retrieve the older ones first.

Since I can’t do that I wanted to send some filter information to orchestrator as a queue item with a deadline. This works perfectly for sorting, however I need to use Get Exchange Mailmessages and that does not have a filter option… So i’m kinda stuck right now.

Has this option been considered yet? And how about an option for filtering in get exchange mail messages? I’ve seen @loginerror mention this somewhere.

Hope to here from you.