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I’m attempting to build an RPA that will process changes based on inbound emails, it’s important that it only pulls 1 mail at a time, and that it starts with the oldest one - to ensure that the wait time for the process is in line with when you make a request. Is this possible ?

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Hi @jasonsavory,

Kindly check the example attached and let us know if it is what you are expecting.
Main.xaml (7.7 KB)

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Hi acacio,

Sorting by reverse order fixed it thanks!

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Hi guys,

In my process, I need to get the oldest 3 emails from the inbox and move them to another folder. The inbox can have infinite emails, i just need the 3 oldest emails at one time.

The get outlook mail messages can only let me select the top emails, whereas in this case, I kind of need the bottom emails

any help would be great!

thank you