Get the oldest mail by using filter property in outlook

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I want to retrieve only one (oldest) mail using filter property
Please share your thoughts

Hi @tgopalas

See these


Hi @PrankurJoshi

I want to retrieve the oldest mail by using filter property in GetoutlookMailMessage Activity, without using the linq query…

Neither of these posts answer the question at hand, since they want you to take out all the mails in the inbox and sort them in memory.

The problem is as I understand it, how to create a filter for the “Get Outlook Mails” function that returns the oldest mail and only that one. We have a similar case where UiPath/Outlook crashes when too many mails are being fetched. Sadly we still need at solution.

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Hello, I am facing the same issue nowadays. I want to get the outlook messages with the oldest one as first mail and have a reverse order. But I have sometimes 1000 mails and I cannot sort them in memory because it can crash. Do you know if there is an update in UiPath or an other activity which can do that? (Get exchange mails for example)

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I am facing the same issue… :frowning:

Hi Melanie,

Have u got any solution on it,
I’ll be happy to receive any thoughts if suggest.