UiPath Licence expired, need UiPath CE installation

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Hi there,

Last time when I contacted support, the licence keys were removed and I thought I can install UiPath CE. But now again the licence expired, how come after licence key removal? I uninstalled the current setup, but no luck still.
I checked existing discussions on forum and was directed to reach out service desk.

Please help how I can use UiPath CE without again having licence trouble in future.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ramawat,

What is the msg you are getting. Can you please post it here.

And also please try the renewal license.



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Thanks! But I dont want to renew licence but rather prefer to have the free community edition setup. How can I do it, would appreciate any pointers?

Hi @ramawat,

Download the community version in the below link. Before that install the previous installation.


Yes, I did download the community edition copy from the UiPath. I guess, UiPath store the device Id and corresponding licence code in their server when ever we enter into any studio edition.If there was any old licence key, then it simply don’t allow to activate CE. I read the other forums :frowning: and so does the error also highlights, this is beyond my understanding, why UiPath can’t keep two entities distinct?

Isn’t there any way to just have a “fresh” CE installation without periodic licence renewal? like a clean slate?


This is the error I’m getting, for your reference.