UiPath learning help

I start learning UiPath 3 weeks ago and i know basic things now. Im using UiPath academy & youtube to learn more things but sometime it is very difficult to learn. I don’t understand forum answers also.

Last week I asked one person here to help me but they will be busy on week days. Took weekend class.

Now I want to get tution everyday (mon to fri) to learn more quickly, and I want to land a job in UiPath. Can someone help me with this, we can discuss fees payment.

Thank you.

Hi Gaurav,

I can help you learning UiPath…Do let me know if you are interested.


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Also check out the Mentor/Mentee program:

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Thank you so much. Can you please send me your mail id?

Thank you so much, this is very helpful. I try to enroll.

Hi Gaurav,

Hope you are doing well.You can share ur email id or LinkedIn handle to connect .