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We have our robots running on the server, that allows 10+ instances of RDC (10+ robots can run on the same server). We have random Kill Process issue where the robot cannot kill IE (almost as if it has no permission).

Now, is this known issue with an activity where it tries to close IE that is opened by another connection on the server? I know it sounds strange, but that is the only reason I can think of. IE got opened by robot one and robot two (on the different instance) and when robot one tries to close IE it gets denied because robot two has it opened too.

This should never happen because in task IE shows opened under the robot that opened it, but then not sure how the activity is set up.

Before we go into, use Powershell and command - we know this works, but we are trying to avoid using custom code and use activity instead.

Anyone encountered this and knows the fix withing activity or maybe RDC instance configuration?


I think that you could try this solution :smile:
Check @aksh1yadav answer about it, I think that this might fix your problem.



Hi @Kemal,

To overcome your issue of killing processes running in another session on the same machine, please try the following:

  1. Get the list of processes using the Process object

  2. Loop through the list of processes

  3. Use condition to check if Process session matches the current process session [This is the key step to avoid killing processes running in other sessions] . Also check if the process name is equivalent of IE

  4. Kill process if the condition is satisfied

  5. Place the whole block in a Try/Catch - If you still run into the access issues, the bot will continue killing only the current session IE.

Hope that helps!


https://activities.uipath.com/docs/kill-process check this

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