Browser activity failure

open browser activity works in remote desktop if I run a process from uipath assistant, but it fails when I run the process from orchestrator in the remote desktop. Anything I am missing in the robot/user settings?

Not exactly a solution, but I also had this problems in some VMs as well.

As a workaround, I added the Open Browser Activity inside a Retry Scope Activity.

I investigated for a few days looking for a solution but no success.

Monitoring bot execution, seems that in some moments the browser took too long to open resulting in an exception.

Thanks for your response. However, I see this activity getting failed after several trials. So I am not sure if a retry scope would help!

but I will give it a try to see the execution time is the issue!

Hi @icehouselux ,

You mean that is not working when you close the remote desktop?
What is the exact error?

Did you check this link:

Or these:

  1. Update the Robot settings for resolution
    Robot Settings
  2. Use for type into/click that support background execution
    Input Methods
  3. Also check this article:
    Executing Tasks in a Minimized RDP Window

I hope it helps.



here is the error message…


@alexandretperez @wasea @Tunisha_Kansra

After I added the retry , it fails with timeout error


I attached the workflow that I used in this situation.

ChromeOpen.xaml (11.3 KB)

See if it helps you.


what is the package i am missing


Hi @icehouselux

Its a Kill Process activity.


I’m using the latest version of UiPath packages, the activity may look different.

Hi @icehouselux ,

Just update the packages from dependencies and it will show the activity.
Did on my end…

@alexandretperez I am not able to open IE in RDP

That worked! Sorry I missed to do that!

@alexandretperez ignore my previous message. I only checked the catch part! missed the code you have in Try!

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