UiPath is stuck while run in debug mode

HI Frnds,

I’m facing issues with the latest version of UiPath studio 2019.10.2 version. I tried to run my workflow, but it is stuck at breakpoint and not able to move forward for the next run. Also, I’m not able to see “Step Into” option to click it even manually as it was in disable mode to click.

Please suggest me frnds.

Thank You!!


Can you share the UiPath toolbar window screenshot when it stuck at a breakpoint.

Try with F11 and Shift+F11 keys, or else try with the continue button click option.

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Run your workflow in Run File mode and check whether it will stuck or not.


Please check the screenshot @sarathi125 as I’m not able to click Step Into button

ok @Manish540 I will check and get back to you . Thank you :slight_smile: :+1:

Please check the image @sarathi125 As it got stuck and not able to move to the next workflow. Also, not able to click step into button . I have also tried to proceed with your advice by pressing F11 & Shift+F11 . still did not work :frowning:

I have tried even in Run File mode @Manish540. it is still the same . It is not able to move to the next workflow… As i have created the workflow in such a way that it has to open the 3rd party software and keep it open and then it has to go to the next workflow to read a pdf file and so on…

But the robot is stuck at the first workflow after opening the 3rd party software

Whats there inside that invoked workflow??

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it uses start process activity and opens the 3rd part software MBRS as shown in the below screenshot

after this software is opened, the robot is not able to proceed further

Please see the workflow screenshot

It is not even coming to the breakpoint position


How long it is stuck there with the Find Create Filing activity. Is there any timeout period mentioned?

when every time I run the robot, it is stuck and not able to move forward yar. till the time i stop the robot after I run, the robot it is stuck.

I used delay of 3 seconds.But, the robot did not even reach the delay point


Comment out other activities till the delay and try once again with debug mode.

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oh ok @sarathi125. I will try and willget back to you on this. Thank you @sarathi125

I have commented other activities and just tested,It is moving forward to the next workflow @sarathi125. But I wanted the robot to run from the start. May I get any suggestions for me on this?


Then you need to check the activities timeout value for all the activities you have commented out.

I suspect some timeout has more timespan value…

But, I have not put any such timeout for any of the activities that I had created @sarathi125