UiPath Integration with Azure DevOps - Release Pipeline issue

Hello UiPath Experts,

We are integrating UiPath on-prem integration with Azure DevOps.

Project files are maintained in Azure TFVC Code repository and using self-hosted azure agent for this integration. The idea is to automate the deployment package process (Dev deployment & PROD deployment in sequence) after the code is checked in by development team.

Step1: Created a build pipeline for Orchestrator Dev Deployment with the below configuration
Output path in UiPath Pack: $(Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory)\Output
Package path in UiPath Deploy: $(Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory)\Output

Step2: Created a release pipeline with one stage that contains the task - UiPath Deploy to deploy the solution to Orchestrator PROD.
Artifact source: Step 1 build pipeline
Stage 1: UiPath Deploy configuration with project path pointed to : $(Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory)\Output

My build pipeline to DEV was successful however the deployment to PROD stage in release pipeline was faulted.

During build pipeline, Output of UiPath project package folder saved to this folder location ‘C:\agent_work\1\a\Output.’ in Azure agent server. But during the release pipeline, getting the below error and the output package was pointing to different folder (C:\agent_work\r3\a…)

Failed to run the command. Please specify the path to a valid .nupkg file, or a directory containing multiple .nupkg files. The path C:\agent_work\r3\a_UiPathDEV_Pipeline does not exist or user SYSTEM does not have the necessary permissions to access it.

Can you please what’s wrong with my configuration ? Anyone had their TFVC repo + Azure DevOps Integration + on-Prem Orchestrator successfully configured and automated the deployment solution?

Thank you in advance.

@rdinesh0331 In your build pipeline did you also have a Publish artifact task? This will upload the .nupkg to the pipeline in Azure DevOps